5 Common Deck Problems and Their Solutions

5 common deck problems and their solutions 1 - 5 Common Deck Problems and Their Solutions

Outdoor decking can be a great addition to any home if your space allows for it. Whether you plan on enjoying the nice tropical weather in Singapore, installing it as an extension of your pool area, or simply looking for ways to increase the value of your property, installing decks can do wonders and serve many functions for your abode. 

If you plan to use your deck for multiple purposes, it is important to address the common issues to make sure your deck is safe and stays looking pristine for a long time to come. This article will discuss common decking problems you may encounter and the solutions to mitigate these problems.

1. Loose Ledgers

5 common deck problems and their solutions 2 - 5 Common Deck Problems and Their Solutions

A ledger is a long, horizontal, pressure-treated board used to support the deck when it is attached directly to the house. A decking joist used as the structural base for your wood deck is attached to the ledger, usually by a metal hanger. If the ledger is badly decayed or is not properly fastened to the house, it can cause the deck to collapse.

To avoid any mishaps, the ledger must be bolted tightly against the house along its entire length. Make sure it is fastened with lag screws or carriage bolts, and the lags or bolts should be fastened into solid house framing. Also, ensure that the ledger is not split or cracked, otherwise replace it. Further, to prevent the ledger from rotting, you should use metal flashing running along the ledger to prevent water from seeping behind.

The Tulou Solution

At Tulou, we leverage our proprietary Invisible Clips Fastening System that uses 304 stainless steel clips during the installation of the deck to ensure that your planks are secure. This will not only significantly decrease the number of visible screws but also potential hazards.

2. Weak Posts

Usually, elevated decks are supported by tall vertical wooden posts. Many wood deckings experience water damage due to the high accumulation of moisture near the base of the posts. This can impact the strength of boards, which form the platform, and posts, which hold the deck.

Therefore, when you have outdoor decking installed, be sure to carefully inspect each post to ensure that it is properly installed and is firmly attached to the footing and the decking frame. If the deck posts have been directly placed on the ground, this can allow moisture to easily penetrate the wood. To avoid this, make sure the deck posts are installed on concrete footings and sealant is applied regularly to prevent moisture infiltration.

The Tulou Solution

At Tulou, all of our outdoor wood decking products are designed to keep mould, mildew and moisture out with their protective cap layer. This means that both the interior of the board as well as the surface of the deck will not be affected by these factors. Enjoy your deck without any worry, even if your deck is constantly exposed to moisture.

3. Bad Beams

5 common deck problems and their solutions 3 - 5 Common Deck Problems and Their Solutions

Decks have horizontal beams that rest on top of the support posts, are parallel to the ledger, and support all the floor joists. Beams are there to support the weight of decking materials and any person or item on the deck. That means the structural integrity of the wood deck is dependent upon the condition of the beams.

You should first confirm that the beams are securely fastened to the top of the posts. Also, check each beam to see if they are not sagging under the weight of the deck and if they are, you will need to shore them up by installing more supports. Ensure there are no large cracks or water damage in the beams as well. To repair the cracked beams, you can fill in epoxy resin adhesive to increase the strength and also reseal your deck to prevent water from getting down into the cracks.

The Tulou Solution

5 common deck problems and their solutions 4 - 5 Common Deck Problems and Their Solutions

At Tulou, we mitigate the sagging and warping issue by compensating for expansion and contraction. During the installation process, we allow sufficient space between the planks on both sides and the ends of each plank. Additionally, we use aluminium as the support substructure, which makes our deckings last longer than other wood decks and deters any form of rotting or deterioration.

4. Faulty Floor Joists

The ledger board and beams support all the floor joists, while the end of the joists is attached to the ledger through a metal hanger. To avoid any damage, make sure each hanger is fastened in place with hanger nails and not common nails. Any badly cracked joist or joist that has been damaged by water or insects should be replaced. Also, check the joists’ ends, which tend to rot and split. Floor joists that are sagging or badly bowed should be replaced.

The Tulou Solution

By using the hidden clip installation method, we ensure that you and your family can safely enjoy outdoors walking barefoot on your new composite timber decking. Our composite decking is also made from a patented process that results in consistent, low-maintenance decking material.

5. Discolouration and Fading

5 common deck problems and their solutions 5 - 5 Common Deck Problems and Their Solutions

Normally, when wooden decks are installed, a protective stain or sealant is applied that usually stays for two to three years. After that, the deck colour starts fading, and it begins to look grey or discoloured and will require restaining. This is a common natural wood decking problem, however, this is not the case with our composite wood decking.

The Tulou Solution

Our composite wood decking has the ability to withstand changing weather conditions in Singapore. Furthermore, our composite decks are 4-sided capped as compared to 3-sided capped products commonly available in the market. This protective cap layer makes our decks slip-resistant and resistant to stains and scratches as well. Moreover, to ensure minimum heat build-up and fading, Tulou decks are made up of high-quality raw materials blended with UV-inhibiting pigments.

Avoid Common Deck Issues with Composite Timber Decking from Tulou

If you are planning to install decking in your home in Singapore, composite timber is the ultimate choice for outdoor decking. WPC, also known as Wood Plastic Composite decking, is made with a blend of wood compound and plastic, using modern technology. Whether you are looking for balcony decking or outdoor decking, composite timber floor decking is the best choice. Not only is composite timber decking eco-friendly, but it also offers a lot more benefits that make it preferable over wood decking.

At Tulou in Singapore, to ensure you spend more time enjoying your deck outdoors hence, we offer premium quality composite timber decking with Timbertech – one of the best composite timber decking suppliers in the USA. If you have any further questions about our decking options, contact us today.

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