5 Reasons Composite Timber is the Ultimate Decking Material Choice

5 Reasons Composite Timber is the Ultimate Decking Material Choice

Picking the right decking for your home or project can be overwhelming. With so many options available, it’s tough to know what is truly the best choice for you.

To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of five reasons why Tulou’s composite timber decking is the ultimate decking choice for you.

1. Maintenance

You shouldn’t have to break your bank, or your back, on your brand new timber deck. There are a lot of effort and costs involved in maintaining the appearance and structural integrity of a natural timber deck – such as periodic staining, painting and replacing sections that have begun to decay due to wood rot or termites. 

Composite timber products eliminate the need for these. Tulou’s composite timber products are created to mimic the natural look of real wood, but without all the pitfalls. Using technology to engineer long-lasting, and aesthetically-pleasing decking products, we eliminate the common maintenance issues faced by most timber decking such as rot, termites, and even cracking or warping – which means you can spend more time enjoying your deck and less time working on it.

Natural Timber Deck
Composite Timber Deck — Reignwood Hamilton Scotts Swimming Pool (Tulou)

2. Variety

The second reason why composite timber is the ultimate decking choice? It looks great!

Composite timber looks natural because it includes real, high-quality wood particles in its makeup, but it has a smoother finish since the surface of each plank is manufactured rather than natural. 

Choose from various nature-inspired shades and finishes — Vision Crest Condominium Swimming Pool (Tulou)

You can customize your composite timber deck through Tulou’s variety of colour and grain choices to fit your personal style, letting the beauty of natural wood show through without any of the upkeep that traditional wood requires. And because the material doesn’t need paint or other treatments like real wood does, there’s no risk of chipping or fading over time.

3. Eco Friendly

Natural timber decks are built from wood harvested from rainforests which contribute to deforestation and harm wildlife in these regions. Tulou’s composite timber products don’t use wood harvested from rain forests, so it doesn’t contribute to deforestation or harm wildlife in these areas. Instead, it uses recycled materials from other industries – materials that might otherwise end up in landfills – to create a beautiful and sturdy product.

Tulou's composite timber products are eco-friendly! — Yusof Ishak Secondary School Timber Deck (Tulou)

Up to 100% of the wood and plastic in the cores of Tulou’s capped composite timber decking products are made from recycled materials, making the entire board comprised of up to 80% recycled content – while making sure that the build quality of the cap and core aren’t compromised in the process.

You can feel good about investing in your outdoor space with peace of mind that you’re also doing something positive for our planet!

4. Splinter-Free!

We all have a love/hate relationship with sunny Singapore’s weather. We love the poolside sunbathing sessions, but we hate the splinters we might get from walking across a natural wooden deck barefoot. That is why it’s important to choose a material that doesn’t splinter and never needs sanding. While natural timber may look beautiful from the get-go, it might not always be the best material choice for a timber deck.

Nobody likes splinters! Ouch!

Tulou’s composite decking’s core material is made of recycled wood fibres and high-density polyethylene plastic. This means you can spend hours on your deck sunbathing, playing games with the kids, even doing yoga – all without having to worry about a stray splinter ruining your fun!

Go splinter-free with Tulou's composite timber products.

5. Mould and Algae Growth

Using the latest in timber decking technology, Tulou's timber decking products are the solution to mouldy decking.

Wood decks and traditional composite boards are prime real estate to hungry mould spores, mildew and algae growth. While mould and algae are great for the environment, they can be detrimental to your deck’s health.

Algae on a deck can be a slippery, slimy mess that can be difficult to remove, and even harder to prevent from returning. It can also make your deck look dirty and dingy, which is not at all the way you want your home looking when friends come over for a barbecue or pool party.

Mould can be detrimental to your timber deck's health.

While composite decking is known for being a step up from wood decking, not all boards are created equal. Tulou’s composite timber decking products feature a protective cap layer that contains a proprietary blend of non-organic materials, offering better protection against mould and mildew.

Protective layer caps of our 4-sided capped composite boards also flow through the grooves and onto the backside to cover all sides of the board, eliminating the risk of hosting or growing mould or mildew.

Tulou's composite timber products remain mould free. — Melrose Park Timber Deck (Tulou)


Given all of these advantages, composite decking is clearly a better alternative for any residential homeowner or commercial contractor looking for a top-notch deck. Composite decking offers the same strength and durability as regular wood but without the added maintenance costs. Moreover, Tulou’s composite decking is even more resistant to physical stress than traditional hardwood decks due to its aluminium substructure underneath the composite boards that support the long-term structural integrity of the deck. Composite decks are also less prone to rotting and splintering when exposed to water, reducing the labour required for repairs or replacements. 

After considering all the things that make composite decking a worthwhile investment, it’s easy to see why this alternative has gained so much popularity in both residential and commercial markets – composite timber decking has set the bar for what’s possible with outdoor decks.

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