An outdoor patio and a balcony are extensions of your home. The ideal space to soak up the outdoor atmosphere and express creative freedom, this overlooked area of a home can be transformed into a sanctuary with a few design upgrades. However, many leave this area of their home barren, often leaving the design potential of this space untapped. From the uncertainty of the best balcony decking material that will be able to withstand the weather conditions in tropical Singapore to the overwhelming abundance of decking options in the market today, there may be many reasons why homeowners remain hesitant in exploring ways to liven up this underrated space. However, at Tulou, our range of composite balcony decking makes it easier than ever to showcase artistic flair and design a cosy balcony space.


Traditional timber decks can be classy — but not for long. The extreme tropical weather in Singapore will eventually take its toll, leaving the balcony deck faded, splintered and warped. Versatile in its utility and available in a variety of finishes, composite balcony decking is the ultimate choice for any discerning deck owner who is looking for options beyond natural timber decking. Hardy, reliable, uniform in appearance and engineered to endure, there are several characteristics that make composite decking ideal for everyday balcony decks.

Weather and Heat Resistant

The CULTURE® Composite Timber decking by Tulou, is made of high-quality raw materials blended with UV-inhibiting pigments that minimise heat build-up. Typical detailing such as ventilation is also factored during the installation process. The adjustable batten supporting the CULTURE® Composite Timber planks creates sufficient space to disperse heat faster, ensuring that your planks feel comfortable to walk on.

Low Maintenance

Manufactured with composite materials, our balcony decking eliminates the common maintenance issues such as cracking or warping, associated with older-generation timber decks. As such, you can enjoy the balcony timber decking without the worry of upkeep and heavy labour just to maintain its beauty.

Splinter Free

At Tulou, our products have gone through rigorous research and development by our manufacturers. Having undergone a relatively rigid manufacturing process and meeting the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore guidelines for slip-resistant properties, our composite balcony decking is splinter-free, making it a safe option for any family and property.


Our composite balcony timber decking is made from a patented process, resulting in a superiorly consistent and low-maintenance decking material. Confident of its durability, Tulou backs it with an extensive 12 years all-in warranty, covering your composite timber product, aluminium substructure, as well as workmanship. For information on how we can help design your dream balcony, contact us for a free consultation today.