Common Natural Wood Decking Problems and Their Solutions

common natural wood decking problems and their solutions - Common Natural Wood Decking Problems and Their Solutions

Having a wooden decking to enliven the outdoors of your home can get you a lot of compliments for its naturally appealing look. However homeowners with wooden decks will understand the neverending time, effort, and resources that go into into preserving its beauty. 

When first installing the natural wood deck for your home, you might have thought of it as a one-time affair and found yourself dreaming of spending hours lounging on your deck. But as time passed, you have now realised the drawbacks of having a wooden deck and are spending more time and money on its maintenance and upkeep. 

If you have been looking for a long-lasting solution to maximise the lifespan of your outdoor decking, this article will discuss the problems with natural wood decking and how changing to composite timber decking can help:

Shrinking and Warping

With a hot and humid climate throughout the year in Singapore, the wooden decking for your balcony or poolside can suffer some damage if not properly maintained. In fact, hot weather conditions can cause the wood to warp due to the drying of the fibres. When the fibres dry out in the heat of the sun, your deck boards may shrink and split, leaving you with uneven space as a result. Besides being uncomfortable to walk on, the deck boards can also become a trip hazard, which can potentially be dangerous if you have young kids or the elderly in your household. 

To prevent your wooden deck from shrinking or warping, you need to lock the moisture by applying a sealer at the ends of the wooden boards. This will not let the ends shrink faster and slow down the warping process. You can also use stains and paints as a defensive layer to control moisture absorption. If you have been looking for a replacement, simply install composite timber decking for your balcony or any other outdoor area. This type of decking material won’t lose moisture and therefore won’t shrink, warp or split.


Wooden decks require sealing to keep a check on moisture absorption and if that is not done correctly, water can seep into the wood and become a breeding ground for fungus and mildew. This can cause damage to your decks over time, leading to rot and decay. This can also lead to discolouration and premature deterioration. No matter which rot-resistant species of natural wood you use, a wood deck, due to its basic nature, will always be susceptible to moisture and rot unless you apply the sealant at regular intervals. As dirt and debris can hold moisture against the wood, be sure to sweep your balcony or pool deck regularly and keep the area clean. Alternatively, you can consider composite timber decking for the outdoor floors of your house, as it is made from moisture and insect-resistant materials, and is more durable than wood.


Due to prolonged exposure to moisture and heat, wood decks can be easily susceptible to natural defects. This will make your wood deck experience continuous shrinking and swelling, leading to cupping, warping, and twisting and as a result splinters will occur. Made with up to 95 percent recycled plastic, composite timber decking is strong and unlike natural wood, it will not crack or splinter.


Due to constant exposure to water and heat, wood decks are susceptible to discolouration and fading over time due to dirt accumulation, stains and weathering. As it is installed outdoors, it can be difficult to protect your natural timber decking. Unlike traditional timber, composite decking is made up of wood compound and plastic. Hence, it is fade resistant and can sustain its new look for years to come for your home in Singapore.

Composite Timber Decking – Solution to Natural Wood Decking Issues

While building the deck of your dreams, you would not want it to easily twist, warp, shrink or get splinters, hence, choosing the right material for your decking is a  lot more important. If you are choosing between natural wood decking and composite timber decking, you can now make the right choice depending on factors such as whether the decking is stain and weather resistant, low-maintenance, won’t splinter or rot and will last longer.

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