Is Composite Timber Outdoor Decking Eco-Friendly?

is composite timber outdoor decking eco friendly - Is Composite Timber Outdoor Decking Eco-Friendly?

As the world is growing eco-conscious day by day, more and more are looking for ways to support sustainability, even by opting for eco-friendly products as part of their home interior design. Homeowners in Singapore can enhance the beauty of their homes by installing decks for their outdoor space. Whether it is for pool side or balcony decking, choosing between the two most common deck optionscomposite and natural wood decking, can be difficult. 

With sustainability in mind, composite timber decking can be a better option when it is about creating a space for your entertainment and relaxation outdoors, while caring for the environment simultaneously. This article will shed some light on why composite timber decking is eco-friendly, and the benefits of installing this type of flooring material as an outdoor decking option.

Composition of Composite Timber Decking

What makes composite timber the ultimate decking material choice is its composition. Unlike natural wood decking, composite timber decking is made with a blend of wood and plastic combined with premium quality recycled materials and modern technology. 

Typically, the natural timber decks are built from wood harvested from rainforests, which ultimately contributes to deforestation. On the other hand, Composite timber decking involves the use of reused plastics, like polyethylene film, sawdust, and other wood-waste materials that otherwise would have been disposed of by burying. Hence, due to the minimal involvement of wood, composite timber decking is an environmentally friendly alternative worth considering.

What Makes Composite Timber Decking An Eco-Friendly Option?

Apart from its composition and the fact it encourages the preservation of natural wood, there are other factors that contribute to making composite timber decking an eco-friendly option in Singapore.

Composite timber decking is highly durable, due to the combination of wood and durable synthetic materials. This means that you can enjoy your deck for years to come! In addition, due to the absence of cellulose and other chemicals, this variant of decking is termite resistant. 

Adding to its durability, the composite timber deck comprises plastic as one of its major components and that makes it resistant to corrosion, fading, staining, and scratching. Unlike wood decks, composite decks don’t require frequent maintenance, and that makes them longer-lasting, ultimately leading to less wood being used and maintenance costs and efforts in the long term.

Composite Timber Decking at Tulou- The Eco-Friendly Option

Here at Tulou, we take pride in offering our outdoor decking options that are environmentally friendly when compared to natural wood decking. With our composite timber decking, we aim to make a positive impact on the environment by encouraging the use of recycled materials. Our composite decking boards comprise of 80% recycled material from other industries, hence it does not contribute to deforestation.

Moreover, we are continuously advancing our recycling capabilities to source and process recycled polyethylene and other polymer materials that are the main components of our composite timber decking.

Apart from being an eco-friendly deck option, our composite products are 4-sided capped as compared to other 3-sided capped products commonly found in the market. The protective cap layer makes our composite decks slip-resistant, and also offers better stain and scratch resistance. On top of that,  we use aluminium as the support substructure that makes the deck long-lasting when compared to wood decks. The safety of you and your family is also assured, as we ensure that no screws are visible after the installation of the deck so that you can freely walk barefoot outdoors on your brand-new composite timber floor. So, if you are looking for eco-friendly decking options, contact us today to get a quote. 

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