5 Safety Tips for Outdoor Decking in Singapore

5 safety tips for outdoor decking in singapore - 5 Safety Tips for Outdoor Decking in Singapore

If you are considering installing an outdoor deck in your home, it is completely normal to wonder if it is worth the investment. Well, we at Tulou have the answer for you — it is a resounding yes! Homeowners looking to create an excellent space to kick back and relax away from the confinement of their interior spaces may find it ideal to have outdoor decking installed for both beauty and practicality. Whether you aim to design an exclusive alfresco resting area to hang out with your loved ones or a deck to host a cookout with friends, this all-time favourite outdoor feature can surely elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home.

However, to get the most out of this outdoor feature, there are some deck tips and safety precautions you should keep in mind. By following these tips, you can create a safe and comfortable outdoor space that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

The Appeal of Outdoor Decking

But before we dive into the safe deck building practices and regular maintenance tips, let’s briefly explore why outdoor decking is all the rage in Singapore. More than a mere investment design element, outdoor decking is often considered in both residential and commercial projects due to its ability to subtly beautify a space while still working double duty as a blank slate upon which layers and other complexities can be added.  

In addition, outdoor decking provides a natural extension of the living space and creates a seamless transition between the indoors and the outdoors. However, to benefit from and revel in all these plus points of an outdoor deck, a strong foundation must first be established.

Safety Tips and Precautions

With the abundance of decking options, in terms of materials, finding one that fits your design ideals will be a breeze. From decking options made from materials like Capped Wood Plastic Composite to others, embarking on your own nature-inspired decking project should not be a hassle. But it is pivotal to understand that just like every type of flooring, decking does require much thought prior to its selection, as well as proper care and maintenance post-installation. Consider these five safety tips and precautions.

Safety Tip #1: Strong Foundation Should Be Established

Installing an outdoor deck is a relatively big project that requires careful planning and a solid foundation. After all, an outdoor deck can only be deemed safe and reliable if it has a robust foundation. And this aspect is highly dependent on the type of outdoor decking you choose. For example, most natural timber decks often come with natural timber support runners and these tend to dry rot when exposed to high levels of condensation or water. This will, in turn, compromise the structural integrity of the deck. At Tulou, our composite wood decking is installed with aluminium support runners instead. Installed with runners that are able to withstand the harsh weather elements and provide optimal support, you can rest assured that any form of rotting or deterioration is mitigated.

Safety Tip #2: Ensure the Quality of the Deck is Top-notch

As we all know, natural timber decks are prone to warping, cracking and splitting. Constant exposure to weather elements can also lead to rotting and the colours of the timber deck fading due to repeated exposure to humidity and moisture. Therefore, to avoid dealing with the consequences like tripping hazards being formed, it is crucial to check on the quality and durability of the decking material. This makes composite timber the ultimate decking material choice. Why? Be it for your balcony or any other outdoor space, composite timber decking, like those offered by Tulou, is the result of rigorous research and development by skilled manufacturers. Having devised a decking system for the local weather conditions, our composite timber decks provide improved performance characteristics while eliminating the common problems associated with natural solid timber.

Safety Tip #3: Location of Your Deck

Determining the right location to have the decks installed is important as it can help prevent any accidents from occurring. From choosing a spot that is well-lit to ensuring that there are surrounding elements that do not pose a hazard, many space-related factors have to be looked into. Moreover, if you are looking to have decks installed near the pool or on a boat, look for materials that are water-resistant. At Tulou, our CULTURE composite decks have surfaces that are not only resistant to water damage but also developed with highly reflective, inorganic pigments that minimise heat build-up, making them a safe choice for installation at various locations.

Safety Tip #4: Check the Fasteners

Most natural timber decks are installed with screws, which over time, may dislodge. Screw holes may become visible on various parts of a deck when a top-down installation method is used too. As these loose screws begin to dislodge, they can lead to cuts and infections, especially when users are wandering around the deck barefoot. At Tulou, rather than using screws that puncture into pristine decks and cause cracks and splinters around them, we use Invisible Clips Fastening Systems that secure the planks without any visible screws. This reduces the risk of any of the aforementioned hazards.

Safety Tip #5: Work With a Reliable Outdoor Decking Company

A deck can be a precious addition to any space. However, there are several things to be mindful of so that it does not pose a hazard. To mitigate any of such potential risks, it is best to work with a decking company that leverages trusted and proven installation methods as well as provides revolutionary decking options that you can enjoy with even lesser maintenance work. For all that and more, look no further than Tulou. With years of experience and an expansive catalogue of products that will cater to your every need, Tulou can help develop a deck that complements your lifestyle without compromising on quality. Contact Tulou today and start planning your dream outdoor timber flooring decking in Singapore!

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