Congratulations on your new Tulou Composite Timber Deck!

One of the significant advantages of composite decking is its wonderfully low maintenance when compared to natural timber. However, that doesn’t mean your composite deck won’t require a little tender loving care every now and again. By following these guidelines below, you can help ensure your new Tulou Deck will look its best, and enjoy it for many years to come.


General & Spot Cleaning

In preparation for cleaning you will need water for rinsing (hose or power washer), brush with an extension pole, household bleach

Important: Thoroughly rinse each area before moving onto the next section and do not let the cleaner dry on the surface. Avoid cleaning in direct sunlight as the heat generated may cause the surface to dry quickly as you attempt to clean. Allowing the cleaner to dry or not thoroughly rinsing may cause a white surface film that must be cleaned again. Thoroughly rinse surfaces immediately upon contact.

A power washer can be used for RINSING ONLY with Tulou Composite Timber Deck products. The recommended maximum pressure is 1,500 psi. A fan tip nozzle should be used. Spray in the direction of the grain pattern, never across the grain, to avoid damaging the product. Use caution not to damage the material and always take proper safety precautions when operating a power washer.

  • Step 1: Pre-spray your deck with a hose and water to remove any surface debris.
  • Step 2: Without diluting the household bleach, apply the solution generously on affected areas of the deck.
  • Step 3: Working in one small area at a time, gently scrub each deck board with a brush, and allow the solution to remain on the surface for 30-60 seconds. DO NOT allow the cleaner to dry or evaporate before scrubbing. Avoid cleaning in direct sunlight as the heat generated may cause the surface to dry quickly as you attempt to clean. Rinse each section thoroughly after scrubbing and before soaking the next section.
  • Step 4: Rinse the treated area with clean water. For best results, dry or remove remaining water with a towel or mop. Then allow the deck to air dry completely. Note that any residual residue can leave a difficult to remove surface film. Always rinse thoroughly and never allow the solution to dry or evaporate on the surface prior to rinsing. For stubborn or missed areas, or areas where the solution may have dried, repeat the cleaning process but substitute the bleach solution with household soap.

WARNING: The household bleach solution should NOT be left on the deck for more than 20 minutes. Keep children and pets away from cleaning products. Do not let children or pets on the deck until the cleaning products have dried.

And that’s it! With just a little soapy water, some gentle pressure, and the cleaning tips above, you can keep your deck clean and in peak condition. That’s what we call maximum outdoor living with minimal maintenance.