At Tulou, we believe in bringing you the best outdoor composite timber decking products in Singapore. Enjoy the sheer beauty of nature’s textures, looks, and earthy tones – minus the maintenance and harmful environmental impacts that 100% natural timber products can bring about. A quintessential and popular option amongst residential and commercial properties with balconies and patio decks, composite timber decking truly elevates your outdoor living space, while delivering unmatched durability.

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Our Brands

As the leading composite timber wood decking contractor in Singapore, Tulou boasts a wide range of composite decking products. In addition to our solid project references and extensive warranties, Tulou is the only company in Singapore that offers premium composite decking products imported from the United States, ensuring excellent quality and workmanship. Our ability to combine high-quality recycled materials with modern technology is made possible through rigorous research and development by our manufacturers. This has brought about CULTURE and TUWOOD.

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Tuwood composite wood decking options are designed with life in mind. Experience outdoor living through precise German engineering that offers exceptional quality, and is yet affordable for projects of all sizes.

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An industry-leading choice of composite timber decking, CULTURE composite timber products are premium grade American composite timber boasting all the associated durability, versatility, and effortless beauty - right at your doorstep.


Composite timber is the ultimate decking material choice, offering a vast range of benefits. However, it is pivotal for decking systems to be tailored to the weather conditions here in Singapore — this makes Tulou composite decking the better option. Through several manufacturing advances, maintenance issues such as cracking or warping, and colour fading commonly seen in older-generation timber decking are eliminated by Tulou composite timber decks. Emulating the rich and natural look of hardwood decking, Tulou’s composite products also take it up a notch with their robust support substructure and protective cap layer. Staying true to our belief and philosophy that decks should stand the test of time, our 12-year promise safeguards your Tulou deck from termites, decay, splintering and warping.


At Tulou, we focus on delivering high-quality, carefree, and cost-effective solutions for your residential and commercial composite wood decking projects. Coupled with more than a decade of experience in project management, we offer a range of services so that you can customise any outdoor space with our diverse solutions and decking profiles.


Bringing to life the rustic and timeless appeal of traditional wooden floors to an outdoor space, our Tuwood and Culture collections are the perfect complement to any nature-inspired projects. Supporting your venture to enjoy outdoor wood decking that requires lesser maintenance work, our team at Tulou provides replacement of old and damaged timber decking and installation services for the innovative decking products of your choice.


Never leave the design potential of your balcony or outdoor patio untapped with Tulou. Designed with the tropical weather in Singapore in mind, our composite balcony decking boasts unrivalled performance characteristics such as outstanding weather protection. Delivering superior durability, and utilising low-maintenance, splinter-free, and weather-resistant decking materials, let Tulou lend a hand in designing your dream balcony.


Closely resembling 100% wood deck boards, wood plastic composite decking is ideal for outdoor usage due to its dissociation from common problems associated with natural solid timber. Through research and the use of new technology, the durable and stylish Tulou WPC decking sets up a strong foundation upon which a beautiful outdoor sanctuary can be designed.

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Our Care

We take pride in both the quality of our products, and also our services. Here you will find a useful product care guide that shows you how to take care of your new Tulou timber deck so that it will look its best for you to enjoy for many years to come.

However, feel free to contact us for specific advice as and when required.

Our Projects


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Seahill Management
Tulou was awarded the replacement of our decrepit timber decking at our MCST. Their use of personalized timber panels for timber decking and the speed and quality of their workmanship is a definite plus point and recommended if you are looking for quality flooring in SG / Singapore.
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lee xin ru
Fast response with reasonable price. Warranty period for their composite decking is good too. They are familiar w their product and is able to provide detailed answers to questions asked.
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Randy Toh
Got Tulou to do up decking for my balcony. I really love it! The workers were very skillful and I was very impressed with the services. My balcony now looks so good and I've been spending a lot of time there!
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trilliant po
The workmanship is great and they do good protection and keep the customer updated on the work progress.
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Celine Wong
Was looking for a reasonable, real composite wood feel and importantly aluminium structure for easy maintenance. Glad to find Lyon and his team. Speedy response and nice colour recommendation. Thumbs up. Have new condo TOP, can find him from Group Buy too!
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Eric J
Very impressed with their products but more so impressed by their swift service and exceptionally accommodating and friendly demeanor. Special mention to Bon Koh for his extensive professionalism in tackling my queries and overall promptness.
ACB R5T0sHaY22bL1aX ABF7TywB1xUPdDQWnqJR MSVtw=s120 c c rp w64 h64 mo br100 - Home
Eugene Lee
Bon from Tulou was very responsive and attended to my request very quickly. Viewed the material and felt that it was solid and durable. Happy with their service and products. Highly recommended!
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Dominic Gan
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Donovan Tan
great service, was on top of everything and did a gr8 job


With over 300 completed decking projects throughout Singapore, Tulou has proven itself as an industry-leading professional. Leveraging on the latest technology and the best craftsmanship, you can rest assured that your property will be designed with not only the most visually appealing product but also timber wood decking that never compromises on performance. Arrange for a free consultation and get a quote from us today.