Outdoor decking has become a popular option for both residential and commercial projects. As more homeowners and property developers deem it necessary to elevate the outdoor living space, decking is an option that must be considered during the revamping process. Manufactured by various brands, and available in various compositions, choices are now aplenty.

Outdoor composite decking as an installation choice is an eco-friendly, durable, versatile and visually appealing way of transforming your outdoor space in Singapore. At Tulou, our range of outdoor composite wood decking products has undergone rigorous research and development by our manufacturers. Enjoy unmatched durability and the sheer beauty of nature’s best textures with our selection of composite timber outdoor wood decks and avoid the hassle of dealing with maintenance and environmental impacts.


All outdoor timber floor decking types come with their own set of advantages. For one, many prefer to install timber decking in their outdoor space to bring to life the rustic and timeless appeal of traditional wooden floors. Catering to all needs related to aesthetics and functionality, Tulou has two ranges of composite outdoor timber decking – Tuwood and Culture. Boasting options such as the Capped Wood Plastic Composite (cWPC), our range of decking options are ideal for any nature-inspired projects.

Our Care

One of the significant advantages of composite outdoor timber floor decking is its low maintenance requirements compared to natural timber. With simple tender loving care, your Tulou deck is sure to look its best for years to come. But that is not all. Confident in the durability of our product range, Tulou offers an extensive 12 years all-in warranty, covering your composite timber product, aluminium substructure, as well as workmanship.

Our Services

At Tulou, we offer outdoor timber decking installation, as well as the replacement of old timber decking to new Tulou composite timber decking products. During the installation process, we also utilise the hidden clips installation method to ensure that no screws are visible, bringing your project vision to life with class and style.


Whether you are in the mood to design an outdoor paradise or create the perfect space to tan by the pool, Tulou has the perfect collection of outdoor wood decks for you. Devoted to delivering high-quality and hassle-free decking solutions that caters to all your construction and design needs, browse through our nature-inspired and innovative decking products. Create a beautiful outdoor space by opting for one of our 100% smarter than wood decking collection choices. For information on our range of outdoor composite wood decking in Singapore, contact us for a free consultation today.