5 Tips to Maintain Your Outdoor Decking

5 tips to maintain your outdoor decking - 5 Tips to Maintain Your Outdoor Decking

Decking is a great way to upgrade your outdoor space. Whether you are looking for a spot to host gatherings, or just want an area for relaxation and enjoyment, outdoor decking is the optimal design solution that’ll make it all possible. With its durable construction and stylish designs, outdoor decking can provide both beauty and functionality that will last for years.

To keep your outdoors looking spick and span, however, you’ll need to take the necessary steps to maintain your decking. This is because keeping your outdoor decking clean can help reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls, which could result in injuries and will also protect its value. To keep your outdoor deck looking its best and ensure it stands the test of time, this blog covers five useful tips you can consider.

1. Routine Cleaning

When it comes to outdoor decking, regular maintenance and cleaning are essential for keeping it looking great. Not only does this help preserve the aesthetic of your outdoor space, but it can also extend the lifespan of your decking by preventing damage from weather conditions, pests, and other environmental factors. Regular cleaning will also prevent the build-up of dirt and debris, which can cause discolouration over time.

If you are tired of worrying about common natural wood decking problems, such as staining, cracking, and wrapping, then Tulou’s composite timber decking is the answer to your solution. With an outer coating of protective polymers, composite timber decking repels dirt and water. Occasionally washes with mild soap and water will suffice in making sure that your deck is ready whenever you want to enjoy the outdoors.

2. Repair as Needed

With proper maintenance and repairs, you can keep your deck functioning optimally. Make sure to inspect your outdoor decking at least once a year. Look for common deck problems such as splintering and warping and take steps to prevent them as this is one of the best ways to ensure that your deck stays in great condition long-term. You may need to repair your outdoor decking if it becomes damaged or worn over time. Depending on the issue, you may need to replace rotting boards, re-stain your decking, or seal it.

If you are looking for a long-lasting outdoor decking option, Tulou’s composite decking is an excellent choice. The combination of wood and durable synthetic materials means that no cellulose and other chemicals are involved, reducing the risk of attracting termites. Thus, you can enjoy your deck for a long time without worrying about repairing it.

3. Apply Sealant

Sealing your outdoor decking is a great way to extend its lifespan and keep it looking like new. Over time, exposure to the elements such as moisture can cause wood decks to degrade and look worn out. Sealing your deck with a sealant will help to protect it from water damage, rot, and warping while also preserving its natural beauty.

Tulou’s outdoor wood decks are designed to be resistant to mould, mildew, and moisture. The protective cap layer on our boards prevents these factors from damaging the interior of the board or the surface of the deck. This ensures that your deck looks great and remains functional even when exposed to moisture.

4. Use High-Quality Deck Stain

When it comes to deck stain, you want to make sure that the product you are using is of high quality. Poor-quality stains can cause discolouration, peeling and premature fading, making it pivotal to choose high-quality deck stains that provide superior protection from damage caused by weathering, moisture, and sunlight. They also help to prevent mould and mildew growth, which can be extremely damaging to your outdoor decking. Additionally, high-quality deck stain products are designed to last longer, making them a more cost-effective option in the long run.

5. Install Composite Wood Decking

When it comes to popular outdoor decking options in Singapore, composite wood is taking over the market. If you are looking for a long-lasting and low-maintenance decking option that will last for years, consider installing composite timber decking. When compared to natural wood decks, composite wood decking (WPC) is more durable. Its plastic component makes it resistant to corrosion, fading, staining and scratching. Additionally, WPC decking doesn’t attract mildew and algae growth, which can otherwise shorten its lifespan by damaging the deck.

Spend More Time Enjoying the Outdoors with Tulou’s Composite Timber Decking

It is important to perform regular maintenance and upkeep in order to enjoy your outdoor deck for years. However, investing in composite timber decking can be a smart choice for any homeowner in Singapore who wants to enjoy their outdoor space without the hassle and worry of regular maintenance.

At Tulou, our composite wood deck boards are four-sided capped, which provides greater strength than traditional three-sided capped products commonly found in the market. With this protective cap layer, our WPC decking provides superior slip resistance as well as better stain and scratch resistance. Furthermore, our outdoor decking is built upon an aluminium substructure, which adds to its durability and longevity. As opposed to other wood decks, our aluminium substructure eliminates any form of rotting or deterioration.

In addition, our installation process includes a healthy spacing between each plank and its sides, enabling the necessary expansion and contraction to be appropriately managed regardless of the humid climate in Singapore. Ultimately, you can enjoy years of worry-free use with Tulou’s composite wood deckings.

Whether you are looking for balcony decking or want to replace your old timber decking, contact us for a free consultation today.

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